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Insurers and their agents need legal advisers with the expertise and experience to deliver clear, forward-thinking and sustainable commercial advice, services and solutions.

Hicksons is one of Australia’s leading insurance practices, representing Australian and overseas insurers.

In an insurance market that is highly regulated and competitive, the demands for reserving accuracy and reporting place a heavy burden on institutions, along with the commercial imperative to reduce costs by swiftly managing claims to resolution.

By working closely with our clients, we develop a clear understanding of their essential needs and culture, optimising opportunities, mitigating risks and delivering workable solutions with lasting benefits. We do so while always being sensitive to the needs and expectations of stakeholders in the insurance chain, including insureds

With acute awareness of changing client needs and the industry’s regulatory demands, Hicksons ensures clients are always effectively represented by the most appropriately qualified lawyers, able to be creative, flexible, understanding, cost effective and offering the most thorough analysis of any situation.

We can offer advice on:
  • improving reserving accuracy;
  • minimising defence costs;
  • reducing claims costs; and
  • improving the speed of claims resolution.

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