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Hicksons foreign investment advisory service helps clients develop, implement and evaluate their Australian investment strategies.

While the Australian Government welcomes foreign investment into Australia, there are myriad changing foreign investment regulations and laws and navigating them can make investment in Australia challenging and costly.

The key to consistently achieving successful advisory outcomes for our clients is our collaborative approach, working with our clients to reduce risks and provide certainty, listening to give clear and timely advice and always acting with integrity and sensitivity.

We provide specialist and experienced advisers with first-hand local knowledge, brought together from the legal units throughout our company, who can give clients a competitive advantage and the peace of mind that investments into Australia satisfy Australian laws.

Determined that language barriers will not thwart your investment opportunities, we have a team of foreign language-speaking advisers, including Cantonese and Mandarin speakers, who can negotiate on your behalf and translate documents and reports.

If you are considering investing in Australia, Hicksons can help with:
  • advice on relevant regulatory requirements, including the need for approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB);
  • compliance with company and business registrations and reporting requirements;
  • the best structure for investments to meet Australian legal and other regulatory requirements;
  • the rules surrounding the purchase of Australian real estate by anyone other than Australian citizens and permanent residents. Regulations are complex and we can advise on what’s involved in the selection, financing and purchase of Australian property, including guidance on FIRB requirements and, where needed, arrange for taxation advice and mortgage finance for a purchase;
  • how to establish a business using the best legal structures available;
  • the legal requirements after the establishment of a business in Australia;
  • risk mitigation;
  • applicable competition laws and dealings with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission;
  • due diligence on projects and intended acquisitions;
  • advice on Australian employment laws, including employee entitlements such as workers’ compensation, superannuation and payroll taxes, salary packaging and remuneration as well as training on workplace policies; and
  • Hicksons Migration Assistance Service for any visa and immigration matters.

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