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Australian Financial Review: More Law Firms Hit Gender Targets As Partnership Gap Narrows

Hicksons is excited to continue to lead with the highest proportion of female Partners across law firms. Using data from firms participating in the AFR 2024 Law Partnership Survey, the firm was highlighted as having a majority 55% female representation across the firm’s Partnership

Capital Brief: Australia's Top Tier Law Firms Are Rushing To Adopt AI — But To What End?

‘LLMs shouldn't be used for their knowledge of the law, but rather to streamline legal processes and allow lawyers to redefine their relationship to their work and their clients’.David Fischlrecently spoke to Capital Brief about the legal industry’s move towards AI and how this presents a new frontier for lawyers going forward.

Lawyers Weekly: Navigating AI Regulation In The Profession

“AI will ensure legal advice becomes more accurate, prompt, and available at a lower cost” In a recent Lawyers Weekly article, Hicksons Legal Digital Transformation PartnerDavid Fischl comments on what extent Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be regulated, as firms will turn to AI to retain talent and drive efficiency.

Capital Brief: Noumi's Financial Disclosure Lawsuit Highlights 'Legal Privilege' Challenges

“The role of legal advice in data breaches is fraught with challenges for several reasons”   In a recent Capital Brief article, Hicksons’ Commercial Dispute Resolution Partner Chloe Ellis comments on the Noumi financial disclosure lawsuit.   Chloe touches on the challenges that this case brings up for both voluntary and statutory disclosures to regulators, and how this can impact companies that suffer data breaches.

Capital Brief: The Rise Of AI Washing

“AI has been the exception to every rule the world has seen. We have no doubt that regulators will take more sweeping action against those using AI unethically to protect society.”In a recent Capital Brief article, Hicksons Legal Digital Transformation Partner @David Fischl comments on the regulatory risks of AI washing and regulators’ approach in enforcing against misleading claims linked to AI technology.

Lawyers Weekly: ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’: The Emergence Of AI Washing

“AI in law is our generation’s iron man suit. With great power comes great responsibility.”   In a recent Lawyers Weekly article, Hicksons Legal Digital Transformation Partner David Fischl comments on the regulatory risks and other impacts of AI washing, along with thoughts on the best practices for the legal profession moving forward.  “AI washing has the potential to erode the sacred trust that we have with our clients. It is crucial that we, as lawyers, do not lose sight of this.”

Australian Financial Review: A Managing Partner's guide to great skiing

“When Stewart Cameron isn’t heading up Hicksons Lawyers, he’s hankering for an opportunity to shred the pow”   In a recent Australian Financial Review (AFR) ‘Time Out’ Q&A, Hicksons’ Managing Partner, Stewart Cameron shares some of how he achieves a work life balance.  

Dynamic Business: Balancing productivity and employee wellbeing

In a recent Dynamic Business article, Hicksons’ Managing Partner, Stewart Cameron shares the significance of a ‘putting people first’ in ensuring productivity and mental well-being in the workplace.“The balance between employee wellbeing and productivity occurs once you put people first.” “A supportive work environment is important, including providing regular guidance, an inclusive culture and meaningful work”.  

Tech Day: AI-Washing - A new wave of ethical and legal considerations for corporate Australia

“AI is the technology and innovation of our time. We should ensure it is able to prosper without being thwarted by the misleading behaviour of the minority.”

GovTech Review: Automated decision-making systems: ensuring transparency

In a recent GovTech Review article, Hicksons Legal Digital Transformation Partner David Fischl and Solicitor Elias Dehsabzi discuss the rise of government agencies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Decision Making (ADM) systems.

Tech Day: The legal implications of AI chatbots for Australian firms

“As technology continues to permeate all aspects of business, Australian businesses must  consider the legal implications of using artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with customers.”

Lawyers Weekly: What the gender pay gap looks like at Australia’s biggest firms

Hicksons is proud to be featured in a recent article from Lawyers Weekly as leading the way for gender pay parity across the legal sector.    New data from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) confirms Hicksons has a 0% base salary and a 2% total gender remuneration gap. The article noted: ‘Hicksons have some of the best data’ and‘…sits well below the legal sector average’, which is a testament to the firm’s approach to fostering a rewarding culture across the whole firm.  

Right to disconnect won't cause "significant" change

Employees’ new right to disconnect, was included in the Closing Loopholes No.2 Bill passed by Parliament earlier this month and will take effect six months after the legislation receives Royal Assent.

Smart Company: Burke hoses down fears that Canberra is seeking a blanket WFH right for award workers

“The Fair Work Act already accommodates a right to request flexible working arrangements which can include working from home.”

Australian Financial Review: Hicksons Lawyers Leads As Law Firms Hit Gender Parity

Hicksons is proud to be recognised for leading the trend of more female Partners, with over 50% female representation across the firm’s partnership.In a recent Australian Financial Review article, Hicksons was highlighted for having the highest proportion of female partners across all firms in the 2023 Law Partnership Survey.

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