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Hicksons are expert negotiators. 
We have years of experience assisting with negotiations on complex matters. Hicksons advises on matters with combined deal values in excess of billions annually.

We utilise a pragmatic and thoughtful style to achieve not only the best possible price and technical outcomes for our clients, but also long term sustainable value through the terms of the contract.
The Hicksons commercial negotiators include Harvard trained negotiators.  
Our methodology for negotiations includes ensuring:
  • the right parties are involved,
  • the right interests are focussed on (including interests behind any position),
  • there is a clear understanding of the client’s bottom line,
  • a process plan with the right sequence is used,
  • results are achieved efficiently and cost-effectively.

We design value creating deals that minimise risks and meet the interest of the parties on a holistic, long term basis.
Our team is:
  • known for their practical and efficient negotiation style,
  • able to create and claim value to achieve “value for money”,
  • not just about negotiations “at the table”.

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