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Our approach to minimising uncertainty, mitigating risk and creating sustainable value is based on four pillars:

  • shared values and commitment;
  • active legal project management;
  • a customer-centric focus; and
  • innovation and process efficiency.

Hicksons has developed and implemented a legal project management (LPM) framework to enhance our capability, improve capacity management and add value to clients’ operations.

Hicksons LPM frameworks have been successfully applied in the execution of a wide range of matters, including:

The major benefits of Hicksons skilled LPM planning includes:

  • meeting clients’ goals with timely delivery on business objectives and project outcomes;
  • no surprises and greater predictability around the cost of legal matters;
  • reusable planning and portfolio management tools to enable the efficient management of client matters;
  • the development of legal project management precedents and workflows;
  • more confidence in our commercial acumen;
  • increased contribution and decision-making from clients in the progress and outcomes of legal matters;
  • following completion of the matter, we capture feedback on how we handled the matter and jointly share lessons learnt to inform future work.

Practically, our active LPM management includes activities such as:

  • matter planning;
  • issue resolution;
  • progress reporting;
  • logging of major decisions;
  • tracking of major variations and;
  • co-ordination of all dependencies.

The pricing models we apply are designed to provide full transparency and ensure no unpleasant surprises. We deliver clear and measurable value by applying different costing models based on matter types and client preferences.

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