About The Firm

We are an Australian law firm with offices in Sydney and Newcastle.

Hicksons is a commercial law firm who assists government, organisations and individuals throughout Australia and in Asia to create sustainable value by delivering legal and commercial advice, services and solutions. Our breadth of expertise is reflected in our diverse practice groups and complemented by our industry and sector focus.  We work across geographies with smart technology to keep connected to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our energy and authenticity to drive client solutions, attract and develop talent and serve our broader community.  With over 65 years in practice, we are visionary thought leaders who have harnessed our history and experience, emerging as a market leading advisory business. 

With a healthy, strong culture, our core values are reflected in our behaviour and guide our business decisions:  

Excellence - Underpins our determination to do better and to be better.

We value excellence in our work, our attitudes and our relationships. By persistently striving for excellence, we produce quality outcomes, build stronger relationships and exemplify professionalism.  We do not accept complacency but seek and reward those who strive to do better and to be better. 

Respect - Stands at the foundation of all of our interactions.

We expect and value respect in all our interactions. By being flexible, open to new ideas, treating others fairly and thoughtfully, we build a collaborative, creative environment. We do not treat people differently because of their status or position, but seek and reward those who are tolerant, acknowledge the contributions of others, and always speak and act respectfully. 

Integrity - Ensures that we always make the right choices and do the right thing.

We value integrity in our workplace and our relationships. By always being open, honest and transparent, we protect our clients, our people and our global community. We do not tell people what they want to hear or just say “yes” to further our own goals, but act with the confidence and integrity to always do what is right. 

Responsibility - For our actions strengthens and sustains our relationships.

We value those who take responsibility for outcomes. By fulfilling commitments, taking ownership of decisions, admitting when we could have done things better and always being ready to assist others, we build a safe environment where initiative and trusting relationships can flourish. We do not accept sub-standard outcomes or look to blame others, but seek and reward those who take responsibility for protecting the interests of colleagues, clients and our global community. 

We create sustainable value by focusing on your priorities, optimising your opportunities, mitigating your risks and delivering workable solutions with lasting benefits.  We are committed to crafting smart client outcomes, through listening, understanding and exploring the best solutions. 

We enjoy relationships built on trust, communication and transparency. 

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