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We have more than 60 years’ experience, expertise and qualifications in workers insurance services and achieving outcomes for customers.

We listen to you and provide clear definitive advice from the start of the matter to the end.

We’re a team of problem solvers and creative thinkers who identify opportunities, challenging decisions where it’s appropriate and in clients’ best interests.

Our highly skilled team currently manages more than 2,000 referrals per year.

Successful management of these is driven by breaking down adversarial barriers, enabling us to resolve more than 90 per cent of referrals without having to rely on decisions being made by tribunals or courts, rather than the parties involved.

Sometimes matters do need to be determined, such as scheme-wide significant issues. These matters are managed through close strategic alliance with icare, a provider of world-class insurance and care services to the businesses of NSW.

We can also lessen risks, helping employers and businesses to implement processes and procedures to minimise and avoid future workers compensation claims and provide advice through our many specialist teams when claims in the workplace do arise.

We are able to assist with:
  • determination of liability;
  • weekly payments;
  • compensation for medical expenses;
  • lump sum compensation;
  • common law and work injury damages;
  • catastrophic claims;
  • commutations;
  • attendance and preparation for mediations, settlements and hearings;
  • applying disease provisions;
  • technical defences in further loss claims;
  • significant legal issue;
  • initial liability decisions;
  • assessment of benefit entitlements;
  • return to work disputes;
  • procedural and substantive aspects of impairment and threshold disputes;
  • claims related to treatment options;
  • common law matters;
  • contractual indemnity claims;
  • fatality matters;
  • coal miner claims;
  • administrative law challenges;
  • non-work injury damages common law claims;
  • recoveries including under s151Z or s20 of the Workers Compensation Act 1987;
  • dust diseases claims including contribution disputes;
  • premium debt recovery services; and
  • complex and sensitive claims.

Our experience covers the full spectrum of workplace injuries including major and minor orthopaedic, neurological and strain injuries, brain damage, catastrophic multi-injuries, exposure to hazardous substances, psychological injury, stress claims and workplace deaths.
Industries and workplace
Our workers compensation experience spans a range of industries and workplace settings, including:
  • abattoirs, meat and poultry;
  • asbestos mining, manufacturing, destruction, installation and removal;
  • banking, insurance, finance and professional services;
  • childcare, aged care and community services;
  • coal mining;
  • construction;
  • cleaning;
  • dust diseases;
  • education;
  • emergency services including fire, ambulance and police;
  • fisheries and primary industries food processing, small goods and brewery;
  • government;
  • health;
  • hospitality;
  • mining and resources; and
  • retail.

We can lessen risks, assisting employers/businesses to implement process and procedures to minimise the occurrence of workplace injuries and when they do occur, to find the best pathway to recovery of health and meaningful return to work.

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