Hicksons Central: streamlining off-the-plan sales for developers

In an increasingly competitive property market, developers require streamlined processes to enable them to secure sales as quickly as possible. The process of converting a sale into an exchanged contract requires a swift and seamless approach – however developers are often let down by slow turnaround times and unreliable processes.

For that reason, property is a rich area for innovation in law, with strong demand for efficient solutions to speed lengthy processes and reduce human error. To that end, Hicksons has launched Hicksons Central - a purpose-built tool from our expert Real Estate and Construction team, streamlining the conveyancing process for all stakeholders in off-the-plan transactions.

Currently the only system of its kind, Hicksons Central provides live information 24 hours a day to sales agents, developers, vendors, financiers, and purchasers. Sales agents can use the portal to submit sales advices for approval, monitor the status of sales, and view master contracts, while developers can track, approve, or reject sales advices directly in the portal - enabling contracts to be issued to purchasers without delay. This is made possible by the platform’s ability to handle large volumes with speed and efficiency.

Approved sales are automatically assigned to our team at Hicksons and contracts are prepared and issued within quick turnaround times. Developers can obtain live status updates and view copies of exchanged contracts and other documents in real-time. Likewise, financiers can view the up-to-the-minute development status, exchanged contracts, and settlement statements.

On the buyer side, purchasers’ solicitors can book and manage settlement appointments and generate settlement statements directly in the platform, speeding up the completion process significantly.

For the ease of all stakeholders, Hicksons Central’s technology platform integrates with relevant third-party applications - such as Affinity, DocuSign, LexisNexis, iManage and Excel - and is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Technology is rapidly transforming all areas of law and property law is no different; our clients require faster, reliable, well-planned solutions to their problems and pain points. Increasingly, all stakeholders in legal transactions are coming to expect tech-enabled offerings that allow them constant oversight of the process, removing the former barriers of distance, time zones, and back-and-forth of endless documents between stakeholders - often hampered further by incompatible operating systems. Hicksons Central overcomes all these obstacles, helping to secure sales for developers and to complete those sales in the shortest possible time.

Ultimately, time is money for developers; they’re after quick turnarounds to secure quick returns. Considering this, our team is delighted to offer our clients access to Hicksons Central to simplify and expedite the sales and completion processes.

Click here to learn more about Hicksons Central.

Post by Hicksons Partner, Rebecca Mercer.

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