Lawyers Weekly: Navigating AI Regulation In The Profession

“AI will ensure legal advice becomes more accurate, prompt, and available at a lower cost”
In a recent Lawyers Weekly article, Hicksons Legal Digital Transformation Partner David Fischl comments on what extent Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be regulated, as firms will turn to AI to retain talent and drive efficiency.
David touches on regulation across Australian states and territories, along with the role of education and transparency delivering legal services using AI.
“There is, however, no doubt that the rules require updating to address use of AI in provision of legal services… There should be specific obligations around properly understanding and supervising use of technology before it is used.”
“Regulation, supported with education and guidance to our profession, is critical to ensuring our profession can adequately serve the community, delivering the benefits of AI.”

Read the full article here.

Article co-written by Rafael Owen.
For more information regarding Legal Digital Transformation services, please contact David Fischl.
Article authored by Lauren Croft, on July 3, 2024.

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