Hicksons acknowledges the significant contribution of John Markos

After a highly successful and exciting career, it is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of John Markos, our long time managing partner who stepped down from that role on 31 December 2019. Whilst we are saddened to see John leave we acknowledge and celebrate the significant contribution John has made to the firm as well as his enduring legacy – a firm very proud of its place in the Australian legal landscape that has energetically supported its staff, clients and the community. 

John joined the firm in 1983 at a time of great change and uncertainty for the firm as it transitioned the nature of its business due to client restructuring. He took on the role of managing the firm shortly after in 1986 and was formally appointed managing partner in 2001.
Having led the firm through a series of important changes, John has been instrumental in deployment of technology to deliver what is now an efficient and highly productive paperless office. Suffice to say, these changes positioned the firm very well to deal with current COVID-19 challenges being experienced across the globe.
John has seen many professional highs, including the appointments of former partners and firm colleagues to the High Court, Supreme Court, District Court, Industrial Court and Workers Compensation Commission, and to Corporate General Counsel. He has also seen many of our junior lawyers go on to the bar and become successful barristers.
Throughout John’s tenure at Hicksons we have proudly and consistently put our clients first, sought to understand their needs and provide quality legal work. In supporting our staff, we have delivered an inclusive and collaborative work place underpinned by a great diverse culture where everyone feels respected for their contribution and valued for the efforts. Enduring relationships with staff, ex-staff and clients is evidence that John has been instrumental in ensuring that the firm has achieved those goals during his tenure as partner and managing partner.
On behalf of the partners and staff at Hicksons, I thank John for his immense contribution to the firm as partner, as managing partner and as our close friend. It has been wonderful working with John and we wish him and his wife Beth all the best for the future.
As a final note, John has, without doubt, shaped the underlying culture and values of the firm. Consistent with the firm’s 2025 Strategic Vision, Hicksons has a dynamic outlook, continuing strong business growth whilst maintaining a core commitment to ongoing development of its future leaders through significant investment in its people. The desire to perform and deliver for our clients continues to grow thanks to the leadership of John, and we look forward to continuing our evolution with vigour and further growing the firm in the period ahead.
Farewell John and best wishes.
Stewart Cameron
Managing Partner

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