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Why Just Having Policies And Procedures For Workplace Violence And Sexual Harassment Isn’t Enough?

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) has historically been all about physical injuries and risks in factories and construction sites, but a recent decision of the NSW District Court (the Court) broadened that traditional thinking.

Australian Financial Review: A Managing Partner's guide to great skiing

“When Stewart Cameron isn’t heading up Hicksons Lawyers, he’s hankering for an opportunity to shred the pow”   In a recent Australian Financial Review (AFR) ‘Time Out’ Q&A, Hicksons’ Managing Partner, Stewart Cameron shares some of how he achieves a work life balance.  

Dynamic Business: Balancing productivity and employee wellbeing

In a recent Dynamic Business article, Hicksons’ Managing Partner, Stewart Cameron shares the significance of a ‘putting people first’ in ensuring productivity and mental well-being in the workplace.“The balance between employee wellbeing and productivity occurs once you put people first.” “A supportive work environment is important, including providing regular guidance, an inclusive culture and meaningful work”.  

Employee or Contractor? What the law says about Sham Contracts

What are the new changes, and how can my business defend itself against sham contracting claims?   Employment relationships can be complex, and understanding how to manage them is often key. Most would think that the law was clear on who is considered an employee, and who is a contractor? In this case, you would be wrong.    

It’s Christmas! Can I direct my employee to take unpaid leave during the end of year shutdown?

With Christmas fast approaching, employers and employees will be turning their minds to organising leave arrangements over closedown (or ‘shutdown’) periods.

HR Leader: How employers can respectfully navigate the new paid domestic violence leave

With paid family and domestic violence leave coming into effect earlier this year, Hicksons Workplace Relations Partner, Warwick Ryan recently discusses with HR Leader on how employers can respectfully navigate the new paid domestic violence leave.  

An employee’s right not to work on public holidays

It can be very difficult for businesses, especially those operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, to ensure their workforce is properly resourced throughout the year.   With this, public holidays can present a real issue. Employees often expect to spend public holidays with their family and friends and perhaps have a long weekend away, but despite this, businesses need to continue operating, and require adequate staffing to do so.  

Crimes and misdemeanours abroad: When can an employer dismiss an employee for their actions outside work?

Managing misconduct in the modern workplace is challenging enough, but what about misconduct where it occurs outside work hours? The workplace’s relationships, expectations and legal frameworks become even more challenging to navigate in such circumstances. 

New changes to the Fair Work Act for casual employees – What you need to know

You may have heard through the media that the Australian Government has passed changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) legislation regarding casual employees.  

Casual employees’ right to be converted to permanent employment – cost implications for employers

The recent decision in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato saw the Federal Court decide that a casually employed worker was actually a permanent employee.

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