Hicksons COVID-19 Update - May 2020

To ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and visitors, Hicksons continues to apply and introduce new, specific measures to manage issues as a result of the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

Our response is based on Australian Government guidelines which are regularly monitored. For active updates, please see:

Hicksons’ Operating Environment 

The firm continues to operate and provide its usual services to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Remote working arrangements are in place for our teams in accordance with Government guidelines, and we therefore request that all correspondence be provided digitally during this time.  Our staff remain contactable by phone and email, and video conferencing is available to assist as required. 
Our offices have regular surface and deep cleaning processes, along with directives on hygiene practices through sanitisation. This includes practising good personal hygiene to reduce bacteria and potential germs throughout the office.  Our staff will not be attending the premises of our clients, advisors and/or suppliers. This will remain in place until we receive updated Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines.  We ask that all our clients, advisors and suppliers continue to undertake their own measures to respond to COVID-19 in line with the Australian Government’s COVID-19 guidelines. 

A number of decisions have been implemented in order to protect our staff, clients and visitors:-

  • Clients and Guests
    Staff are requested to postpone any non-critical face to face business meetings and to work with our clients and guests to arrange virtual meetings.

  • Events and Engagements
    There will be no events hosted on-site at a Hicksons’ office or attended by Hicksons staff at any external venues.  No such activities will be undertaken until it is appropriate to do so in line with updated Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines.

Hicksons’ Staff

Staff are requested not to travel to any overseas destination due to the heightened potential exposure to COVID-19.  Staff (and their families) are requested to restrict all non-essential domestic personal travel whilst all non-essential domestic business travel has been postponed until further notice.
Staff are required to visit their local GP if they feel unwell and/or have any flu-like symptoms. Should a staff member come to be in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 they will need to remain in self-isolation for a period of 14 Days. The firm has in place an internal communication protocol to assist and support staff members should these circumstances arise.

Business Continuity

Hicksons has developed and maintains a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plan which ensures the effective and efficient continuation of our business during (and following) any critical incident, which may result in disruption to our usual business operations.
The DRBC plan establishes effective processes and procedures to quickly transition the firm from usual operations to critical essential functions.  Hicksons’ DRBC Committee will implement business continuity management and work together to ensure regular communication with staff and clients.
A disaster communications plan has also been established which details the protocol for emergency evacuation of offices.  The firm’s Pandemic Response Policy outlines the preventative measures that need to be taken in circumstances where Public Health Authorities institute action to respond to a pandemic. 

Any enquiries should be referred to the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, [email protected]

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