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What is H-ELP?

Hicksons Employment Law Portal (H-ELP) gives Australian businesses access to expert employment law advice and experience distilled into a self-help online service, developed and maintained by Hicksons’ experienced workplace lawyers.

This essential workplace tool gives you access to practical legal guidance on key aspects of the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards, covering employment relations and compliance requirements.

The self-serve tools enable you to create employment contracts, letters, contractor agreements and deeds of settlement tailored to meet your specific needs and reduce your business risk.

H-ELP is available 24/7 online via a secure online portal and can be accessed through various devices and browsers.

How H-ELP can support you
Dealing with workplace issues can be time consuming, expensive and fraught with risk, even for the most experienced managers. H-ELP gives you have a dynamic, cost-effective resource developed and maintained by Hicksons’ workplace lawyers.

H-ELP also uniquely offers the following:

Advice On Complex Issues

H-ELP provides advice and support on significant aspects of the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards, covering employment relations and compliance requirements.

High Accessibility

Our portal operates 24/7, 365 days a year uptime to provide support at a moment’s notice. H-ELP offers and can be accessed through a mobile, tablet and desktop option.

A Cost-Effective Solution

H-ELP can be a more cost effective workplace legal solution, instead of engaging workplace lawyers across a variety of scenarios.

Current and Reliable Expertise

Hicksons’ breadth of valuable legal expertise, lawyers and a successful track record resolving workplace issues ensures that users benefit from information that is current, reliable and best suited to your situation.
H-ELP in the workplace

H-ELP provides specific guidance and documents to solve common workplace issues including:


Contracts for a new employee



Employees attending a meeting to discuss a problem  


Contracts to start a subcontractor



Documents to settle an employment dispute  


Sending a worker home who is too unwell to be at work



Terminating an employee who is stealing from the business  


Responding to an employee's request to change work hours



An employee has left the business but is still in possession of their work laptop  
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For information on how H-ELP can support your business, or if you would like to organise a trial, please contact the H-ELP team or call (02) 4907 5600.

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