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Hicksons has been advising on and acting for clients in respect of title insurance in Australia since 2004. Our extensive experience and careful analysis of many title insurance policies enables us to help clients with prompt and accurate advice in respect of rights and obligations.


  • interpret title insurance policies, advise on their operation and draft endorsements;
  • advise clients in disputes arising under title insurance policies;
  • advise on council building notices and represent insurers and insured’s in dealings with and other authorities;
  • help insurers to develop risk management strategies and train staff members on legal issues and processes relevant to title insurance.

Our extensive experience in title insurance and expertise in town planning allows us to provide solution-focused advice and representation to resolve issues arising from council notices and requirements.

In matters involving encroachment and boundary disputes, Hicksons works with surveyors to provide clear advice and practical options to conclude such disputes as quickly as possible.

When the issue under title insurance policy becomes the value of a claim, the clients of Hicksons benefit from our detailed understanding of the valuation proves and our long-term knowledge of the valuation industry.

Despite the Torrens title systems operating in each state and territory in Australia, title issues can and do arise, particularly in respect of registration gap circumstances, caveats, qualified titles, fraud, priority of unregistered interests and easement claims. Clients of Hicksons benefit from our expertise of our 30+ years’ experience in assisting with title and property issues.

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