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Hicksons has formed a specialist COVID-19 team to help clients respond to and navigate COVID-19 issues in the workplace.

It is fair to say 2020 was a unique year for all businesses, with the key lesson being the need to be constantly flexible and prepared. 

At Hicksons, we are closely monitoring the Government’s announcements of the COVID-19 vaccines and considering how this, and other COVID related issues, will impact our business and the business of our clients.

For example, issues that our clients have asked us to consider include the following:

  1. Are you in a prescribed industry that will be impacted by a Government mandate for vaccines? Alternatively, what is your business position regarding your employees’ need to have the vaccine?
  2. Do your existing employment agreements, policies and procedures reflect your business position on the COVID-19 vaccines? Are they consistent with other vaccination policies and procedures, such as the flu vaccine?
  3. Have you consulted relevant industry bodies regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, i.e. do you have a heavily unionised workforce, where the union should be consulted on your business position?
  4. Have you considered your employee’s training needs? Firstly, to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and secondly, to educate employees regarding the vaccine and the rationale behind your business position.
  5. Is your policy on COVID-19 vaccinations well known and available to not only your own employees, but others that may visit your sites such as contractors?

These are the initial thoughts which should be going through every business leader’s mind in the coming months, and it is essential that businesses are considering these issues well in advance of the vaccine becoming available to ensure policies and procedures are up to date.
Our COVID-19 team would welcome the opportunity to assist you or your colleagues by having an initial meeting, free of charge, to consider any key questions you may have and discuss some preliminary matters on how your business might best navigate through these issues.
For information on how Hicksons can support your business contact our team.

Discussion Paper: Preparing your organisation for the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout

In collaboration with The Mindful Risk Group, Hicksons has released a discussion paper outlining the three principles that businesses can use to effectively implement the vaccine into the workplace.

Click here to read our discussion paper.

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