Expertise Insurance in the Workplace

Insurance in the Workplace

Hicksons have represented clients in the workers compensation industry for more than 45 years. We currently defend around 900 claims each year, with a settlement rate of more than 90%. This statistic reflects our sensitive and strategic management of cases to achieve desired outcomes.

Our team’s no nonsense approach is to provide effective transactional legal services that are consistent with: the protection of stakeholder interests; ensuring and facilitating client compliance; supporting client performance outcomes; and maximising return to work outcomes.

Our experience covers a wide range of workplace injuries including major and minor orthopaedic, neurological and strain injuries, brain damage, catastrophic multi-injuries, exposure to hazardous substances, psychological injury, stress claims and workplace deaths. We specialise in the management of common law claims including the identification of recovery and contribution prospects.

We also provide a wide range of workers compensation advisory services, including advising on risk management strategies, policy development and statutory interpretation.

Hicksons workers compensation expertise includes advice to scheme agents, self-insurers and specialised insurers and public sector agencies on matters including:

  • management and resolution of statutory claims
  • work injury damages and common law claims
  • recovery and contribution
  • statutory interpretation relating to injuries in the workplace, including application of the definitions of worker, contractor and sub-contractor and provisions relating to diseases and apportionment
  • statutory interpretation of joint venture labour hire/letting arrangements including drafting of deeds of agreement between respective parties incorporating liability for workers compensation claims in such circumstances
  • indemnity issues
  • correct calculation and application of benefits under Section 40, including analysis of Sections 42 and 43 Workers Compensation Act 1987
  • application of provisions relating to principal contractor under Section 175B of the Workers Compensation Act 1987, including review of related issues arising under industrial relations legislation and payroll tax legislation
  • regular reviews based on relevant judicial and legislative developments impacting clients’ workers compensation business
  • a refined approach of the question of suitable employment, and
  • extensive advice, preparation and facilitation of training modules on all aspects of workers compensation legislation and issues, including termination of employment.



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Insurance in the Workplace